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Fused Glass
Fused glass is formed by melting together sheets or pieces of glass together in a kiln up to 2000 degrees to form bowls, plates, vases, etc.  Although it was around prior to the Romans, it is generally accepted that the Romans perfected the skill.
Mosaics are pictures assembled of glass, stone and other items called tesserae. Early mosaics have been discovered from as early as 800 BC., Made popular by the Greeks and Romans, mosaics have continued to thrive to the present day in both architectural and decorative applications.  
Kiln Cast Glass
Kiln casting involves making a sculpture in clay and and then taking a cast of it in a plaster mixture.  The clay is then carefully picked out of the mold.  The heat resistant mold is then filled with solid glass chunks and placed in a kiln.  The kiln is heated to 1400 degrees, and as the glass melts it runs, settling into and filling the mold.  The mold is then broken, and the resulting glass sculpture is cleaned and polished.

Here's what people are saying about Annie's work:

Barbara Kreider said: "Annie, I loved seeing your work. Your mosaics are exceptional!:

Brigitte Kidd said: "Simply stunning, truly excellent"

Nathalie Bienvenue said: "WOW !!! Superbly done and the cuts are sooooooooo precise ...exquisite work!"

Jacki Sowers said: "Perfection! Your cuts are amazing!"

Sherry Moon said: "OMG!! Annie... just Incredible!"